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Unique Workshops Made for your Organization

We will tailor this workshop exactly to your requirements and landscape, and will at a minimum ensure you have a complete understanding of your journey to Digital Transformation and Hosting via Private Cloud.


We Will...

  • Understand what you can do to radically improve Reporting and Analytics
  • Learn about Line of Business Cloud Solutions, and how they can provide value to your organization in your current environment
  • Understand how Public, Private, and On-Premise options will work best in your landscape
  • Identify the path to S/4HANA, BW/4HANA, and learn about Suite on HANA Migrations
  • Identify the pitfalls while implementing new solutions in the Public Sector
  • Identify how you can provide mobile access to SAP functionality
  • Learn about the new user experience with Fiori, and what it takes to deploy it in your environment

Workshop Details

  • 100% Virtual Sessions, or onsite
  • Functional & Technical
  • Strategic & Advisory
  • Cloud vs. On-Premise
  • Customized Roadmap Document, with the suggested sequence of events.
Rough Order of Magnitudes, e.g.:
Migration to New GL
Migration to S/4HANA
Migration to BW/4HANA
Migration of all your SAP applications